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Platforms and instruments

Clients can trade via an easy-to-operate and intuitive web-based platform developed by AnyTrades. There also is a mobile application available for download – AnyTrades Mobile Trading App. For android devices you can download it from the Google Play store and for iOs devices you can download it from the App Store.

AnyTrades offers more than 1000 financial instruments such as currency pairs, crypto currencies, commodities, indices and shares. However, arranging the instruments is a little complicated and requires more patience to achieve the desired result. Another thing to note is the lack of opportunity to trade in the MetaTrader platform. Although AnyTrades’s own platform is simple to use, some professionals would prefer the widely known MetaTrader.

Moreover, AnyTrades doesn’t allow demo accounts, so if you wish to use this broker, you must open a live account.

Market maker or STP broker

AnyTrades acts as an STP forex broker. That means deals are immediately processed on the interbank market and the broker makes money from spreads and commissions only. Straight Through Processing brokers cannot combine or leave client orders unprocessed.

Order execution

Acting as a Straight Through Processing broker AnyTrades fulfills orders with a minimum delay. The company announces the availability of multiple servers in some key locations around the world. Although the order execution is fast, there is slippage during important market news.

Accounts and spreads

There are three types of accounts offering different initial sum and trading conditions so every investor could choose the appropriate one. Major currency pairs have relatively narrow spreads. While the market is calm, the spread of EUR/USD is in the range of 1.0-1.5 pips. However, many other brokers offer exotic pairs and cryptocurrencies with better spreads.

Useful features

Customers receive real-time updates on upcoming economic events and financial news directly from the platform. Plenty of technical indicators are available and every strategy can be implemented. Bid or ask price can be shown in the chart window and up to 6 of them can be displayed at the same time.

Unfortunately, not all quotes are registered, and the price line moves with some delay.

The guaranteed stop loss order while the market is open, and the built-in negative balance protection are two very positive features. That means clients will never owe money to this broker, regardless of the price gap.

Social Trading

Gaining popularity lately, the option of ‘Social Trading’ is offered as well. Even beginners can become successful traders following more experienced investors. We should admit that this feature is not so well developed as it is with some other brokers, but it seems ideal for the newbies.


AnyTrades is a good starting level platform. Experienced traders would like to see more built in features but, clients would benefit from AnyTrades customized simplified platform.

AnyTrades  – Pros (+) and Cons (-)

+ The trading web platform and its mobile version are user-friendly and intuitive;

+ The platform provided is suitable for the experienced traders and for the beginners as well;

+ AnyTrades provides ultra-fast execution of clients’ orders. A slippage during order execution is an extremely rare event.

– Not aware of any cons. See All Forex Borkers Reviews – Comparison

Execution time - 10
Scalping Strategy - 8.5
Exotic Forex Pairs - 9.5
Slippage during the News - 8.5
CFD Trading - 9.9
Index and Futures - 9.8
Custom Made Web Platform - 9.8
MT4 Trading Platfrom - 0
Mobile Trading Platform - 8.2
Customers Complaints - 9.1


User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)


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  2. Anytrades is a scam company.They prey on naive and ignorant people who want to invest their money.I had a nasty experience with them,I lost $20K but I consulted capitalrefunds,org to get all my funds back.
    Stay away from Anytrades and always be alert in your dealings with brokers online

  3. Friend of mine show me the web I moved my account from mt4 to anytrader. so far five months, no problem with trading all perfect.
    there is some restrictions with scalping during the news but its fine..
    They tried to offer me managed account and social trading and bonuses… I never used such services, I like to jump on the wave by my self..
    so this is my comment for anytrader

  4. AnyTrades run a facebook advert with a button to click if you are interested in more information. After clicking the button they messaged me and told me they’d call me later. A certain Nick Sanchez from Denmark called me later on +45 78 150480 and lured me into registering with them and I would have my profits double within a week as oil prices were fluctuating a lot in early April. When I told him I don’t have 500 euros he said he’d request for me a deal where I register with 250 euros and I sent the money. I was immediately forwarded to a cluster manager called George Bello from Malta who called me every day on +356 2778 2118 for the next 5 or so days showing me how the trading platform works but he could do everything himself and I could find profits of 20-40 euros each day.

    After 2 weeks George called me with a new deal that if I deposit an additional amount it would be doubled by the company because we needed to have a trading amount of like 1000 euros so that we can do good business and get good money. I added only 200 euros and he said its ok.

    After one month George called me asking that I deposit more money as he needed money in my trading account without explaining what happened to the money I had. He told me there’s nothing he can do if I don’t add him money for trading. Meanwhile I got emails from Anytrades saying that my account was below the required level and I risk losing it.

    After two days the trading platform showed that I made losses after losses and when the account had nothing they closed it down without any word from George. Subsequent emails to ask him what happened still remain unanswered.

  5. Hi,
    Do you think anytrades is a legit trading platform,
    there are not too many reviews i can see.
    i like the platform.
    there are just so many scam companies out there!
    thanks in advance

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