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Looking for some forex broker that has been registered for the last few years, we found the website

So, the company was founded in 2019, which means it is a brand-new broker and we expect to prove itself in the next few years. Now is only a one-year-old broker and the most of things are yet to come. Nevertheless, we see in the website there are already more than 13,000 customers.

In the ‘about us’ section, we see that InvestingFF is authorised, licensed and regulated by the VFSC and this license allows the company to be an STP broker. STP brokers always transfer the risk to some market maker – their liquidity provider. They don’t keep positions by themselves. Instead, each of them is immediately processed on the interbank market, so we suggest there will be a minimum delay during the order execution. Well, the fulfillment of market orders was fast, but what we see in the company Order Execution Policy is a clause of slippage. So, during important financial news, the executed price could be different than requested.

Some words about the platform. Online trading can be done directly from the Internet browser. That is very convenient because no installation is required. For those who want to trade without having a PC, there is another option – to download the Mobile App from Google Play Store or the App Store. We see a simply, tidy, not so crowded workplace, so clients can use it easily. There are more than 1000 instruments for trading, but it doesn’t impress us that much. What we wanted to see was the spread. We’ve been testing some cryptocurrency spreads, mainly because of the increasing interest in these currencies lately. What we’ve noticed is most of them have wider spread compared to other Forex brokers. Many other brokers offer cryptocurrencies with much better spreads.

Let’s see what other features can be found. If you want to ‘trade the news’, you don’t need other applications. The most important lines are here for free and they are updated automatically. The economic schedule is also implemented but it should be refreshed so that the new values appear. Fans of automated trading can use the signals, generated by plenty of technical indicators. When they are set appropriate, you will know the right time to enter and exit the market.

We were pleasantly surprised by the charts. Despite their simplicity, they can show either the bid or the ask price. If you want to draw trendlines or some continuation and reverse pattern, drawing tools are available as well. However, we recommend them for basic use only and notice the lack of some important tools like time or price measurement for example.

InvestingFF’s platform incorporates the popular feature called Social Trading. Social trading is a feature that allows clients to copy expert traders. They can check investors trading history, see their performance and decide which of them to follow. Keep in mind past results don’t guarantee the same profitability in the next deals. Although it takes only three steps to start copying, the social trading platform provides basic features only and is appropriate mostly for beginners. However, InvestingFF doesn’t allow demo accounts, so you must open a live one and feed it with money to take advantage of these features.

According to us, the main disadvantage here is that customers don’t have the opportunity to trade with MetaTrader 4. Perhaps this is the most used Forex platform so far. InvestingFF’s platform is well designed but is dedicated to beginners only. More experienced traders would like to see some version of the Meta Trader platforms for sure.

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