Breaking News Review is owned and operated by FXNET Limited. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under license number 182/12. The Company operates and provides its services in full compliance with the latest requirement of MiFID II. Client’s funds are held in separate accounts within secure banking institutions. This segregation from the company’s own accounts ensures that client funds cannot be used by the company under any circumstances.

In the Trading conditions section announces that scalping and news trading is allowed, and we must note that there are only a few brokerage companies that allow such trading practices. It also says that client orders are not subject to rejection or re-quotes and the company uses the Straight Through Processing (STP) model to execute orders. However, the next line shows that the Market Execution model is applied, which means market orders are filled at the best price available (they are subject to slippage).

The portfolio of consists of over 45 currency pairs, 5 metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum and Copper), 9 commodities (Brent Oil, WTI Oil and agricultural products), 17 indices and over 80 global shares The spread for the EUR/USD pair starts at 2.3 pips in the Basic account, 1.8 pips in the PRO account and close to zero in the VIP account.

Customers can trade through the industry’s leading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It is highly customizable and has many features to suit for any preferences including a user-friendly interface, advanced trading and analysis tools and the ability to use expert advisors. The terminal is available as a desktop version, as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices and as a web-based version.

There are three account types that differ primarily in the initial deposit required and the spreads offered. The Basic account requires just USD50 to open and the spread for major currency pairs starts from 2.3 pips. If you would like to open a PRO account you must invest at least USD10,000 and the spread for major currency pairs will be as low as 1.9 pips. The VIP account obliges to invest more than USD25,000 to receive raw spreads (close to zero).

The company announces: “As per regulatory requirements, we fully protect our Clients from the negative balance. It means that you are not liable in any way for a negative account balance, which may be caused by a rapid and violent market movement. The maximum risk associated with trading is limited to the equity gathered on your account.” So, all retail clients are covered by negative balance protection.

The Terms and Conditions document reveals that the company executes the client orders in CFDs as a principal to principal against the client, i.e. the company is itself the Execution Venue for the execution of the client orders. So, although claims it uses the STP model for order execution, the documents show the opposite – it acts as a market maker and will decide whether and when to transmit orders to the liquidity providers. The same document informs that generally, the market order will be executed immediately, however, the price at which a market order will be executed is not guaranteed and may be executed at a worse or better price, known as negative or positive slippage. In addition, once triggered stop loss orders are executed as market orders at the best available price, which means stop loss orders are not guaranteed.

Overall, is a strictly regulated company that must comply with the CySEC and ESMA regulatory requirements. All retail clients are covered by negative balance protection and you can trade through the popular MT4 platform. However, trading conditions are less competitive, and the company is a market maker, regardless of what it claims. Although the initial deposit is just USD50 for the Basic account, the spreads are too wide. You must invest at least USD25,000 to get decent spreads.

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