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UK Clearing House Review

UK Clearing House Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license number 595713. The company provides services to all types of clients and partners including CFD Brokers, White Label partners, Funds and Investment managers, as well as Proprietary Traders. UK Clearing House is an A-1 Liquidity Provider offering services to the global financial market on a Business to Business basis.

UK Clearing House announces that it has established partnerships with some large institutional market makers, which build the company’s deep market liquidity. 

Customers can trade through the Meta Trader 4 Terminal. It is the most popular trading platform over the world that allows the use of automated trading programs (expert advisors) and analysis of the price trends of financial instruments.

The company provides various APIs, including the market standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX), so that the introducing brokers can easily integrate its quotes to their platforms.

Trading instruments include over 25 currency pairs, precious metals, commodities, and indices. The company claims it welcomes any kind of trading methods including Scalping, Hedging, and Arbitrage Trading between brokers. There are few brokerage firms that allow such kinds of trading methods.

Unfortunately, no legal documents are available on the website and the information provided is quite limited. We assume that the terms of trade will be specified when the contract is signed.

In general UK Clearing House is suitable for professional traders and institutions. This is a well-regulated company and its services are designed for business clients. However, the assets offered for trading are limited and there are no shares.

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