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Vaha Trade Review

Vaha Trade is an investment intermediary, registered in Bulgaria and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) for transactions with securities and investment services on the Bulgarian and the foreign markets. According to the ESMA’s regulations, all clients’ funds are kept separately in segregated bank accounts and are covered by the Investor Compensation Fund.

Trading assets include 44 currency pairs, 4 commodities, and 4 indices. The product specification shows the target spread for the EUR/USD pair is 0.1 pips. Of course, the average spread is much wider.

Customers can trade through the popular terminal MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It is a platform used for trading and analyzing the financial markets. MT4 offers access to advanced trading operations in a fast, secure, and reliable environment. The platform is available for desktop computers and as a mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones.

There are four types of accounts – one for retail clients and three for professional clients. They differ mainly in the required minimum sum to open and the commission charged per lot. The Retail account requires USD100 and the commission is USD10 per lot traded. The Gold account requires USD2,000 to open, the commission is USD7 per lot traded. You must invest at least USD5,000 to open the Premium account at the expense of a USD5/lot commission. If you think to invest at least USD10,000, you can open a VIP account. The commission here is USD3 per lot traded. Gold, Premium and VIP accounts are intended for professional clients and offer higher leverage of 1:100.

Deposit can be done via bank transfer, credit, or debit card, Skrill, and Neteller.

The Client Agreement document shows informs that the customer agrees that when executing a “Stop” order placed by him and in the event of sharp fluctuations in the price of the instrument, the customer may be charged at a price different from the price specified in the order. In other words, stop loss orders are not guaranteed and may be filled at the first available market price. It is also written that unprofessional clients of “VAHA TRADE” EOOD are subject to negative balance protection and can lose an amount equal to their deposit. So, all retail clients are covered by negative balance protection. Just to note that if the professional client account balance is negative (loss has occurred), then the professional client should pay an amount to “VAHA TRADE” EOOD equal to the realized negative balance. The Order Execution Policy document confirms that the company uses a Straight Through Processing (STP) model to execute client orders. This means it transmits each client order to the liquidity providers acting on behalf of clients and there is no conflict of interest like that of market makers. During the greater volatility market orders can be partially filled or filled at a difference price.

In general, this is a European company obliged to comply with the requirements of ESMA. It provides the well-known MT4 terminal and uses the STP model to fulfill orders. However, there are few instruments available for trading, with a commission. Retail clients are covered by negative balance protection.

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